PLAY BALL!!! (How sweet the sound!!!)

It’s finally here……BASEBALL!!! There is no other game like it!!!! Don’t get my wrong i love many other sports, but baseball stands alone.  This sport brings so much more to me then just the thrill of watching my favorite team win the game or my favorite player hit the game winning home run. In away it brings me life. I know, I know,that might sound a little wierd to a lot of you. But it seems every year  since a was a little kid come march no matter what was going on at school or at the house when baseball season rolled around everything around me  got a little bit better. I don’t know if it’s the smell of the freshly cut grass on the infield or the Hot Texas sun beating down on my face while I tried to hit a 1-2 fastball off my best friend Jessie, but something about this game to this day has me coming back for more!!! Heres to another glorious season. Man I love this time of year!!!


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